English Evenings

Cours de conversation
original, convivial, efficace

Once a week in a café in the centre of Lille and occasionally on Zoom.

There are two types of meetups:

English Evening Free, once a month. We just chat freely and get to know each other and discuss our interests in English. It’s fun plus perhaps learning a bit of English. Participation is free of charge. You only pay for your drink.

English Evening Plus, once a week. You chat and have fun, but you are also guided and corrected. There’s a maximum of 6 learners in these meetups. English Evening Plus is “pedagogically oriented” and has a “controlled environment”. It combines the freedom of an informal friendly get-together with the effectiveness of a formal language course. It helps you learn to speak English not only more fluently, but also more correctly and with a better pronunciation. The session lasts 1.5 hours. Your first attendance is free of charge.

Want to be notified of future English Evenings?

You’ll receive an SMS a couple of days before each meetup. You can unsubscribe at any moment by replying “unsubscribe” to the SMS’s you receive.