Training cost grid

Here you can see the cost of your training.

Important notes:
  • Please note that this is only for self-financed private courses. For courses financed through CPF please click here.
  • Price estimates for in-person courses are valid only for courses at or within 2 kilometres of Proglish. If you would like to have your courses at your home, place of work, etc, additional fees may apply.
  • Price estimates co not include excluding certifications fees. If you would like to take an international language test at the end of your training, the fee for the exam is calculated separately.
  • Hybrid course hours are 50% face-to-face and 50% e-learning, for example a 20-hour hybrid course consists of 10 hours of face-to-face lessons (in-person or through videoconferencing) and 10 hours of e-learning work on the online platform.
  • If a course is on a rolling basis, it means that you pay for each lesson separately. You have no engagement and can stop when you wish. However, the fee per hour is higher. Contract with a fixed number of hours are much better value for money.